Sundays are for Writing #19

It’s hard to believe we’re 19 weeks into 2019. Time is flying. I wish I could say it’s because I’m having so much fun, but that’s not exactly true. More like it’s flying because I’m so busy.

My schedule was a bit different this week. I was off on Monday to recover from a race, so I got in two writing sessions that day, one on Tuesday, and three on Thursday to hit my word count goal for the week. I also outlined five scenes and completed two lessons in my writing class this week.

I’m feeling a bit restless and unhappy with this manuscript right now, so I’m trying to push through and get to my happy place again. I start my Directed Project on Tuesday, which is a sort of internship. I’m re-designing a blog for a local faith-based nonprofit. This will make my schedule even crazier, so we’ll see how the writing fares.

Happy writing!

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