Book Review: Bound in Flame, by Katherine Kayne

bound in flame
Image belongs to Passionflower Press.

Title:  Bound in Flame
Author:    Katherine Kayne
Rating: 3 out of 5

In 1909 Hawaii, Letty Lang is a suffragette, a rebel, and an animal lover with a temper who’s determined to become the first female veterinarian in Hawaii. There’s also the flames she feels around her, that she’s never understood. When she dives into the ocean to save a horse, she sets things in motion that will change the way she sees the world.

She is a Gate to the land she loves, but her flames will destroy anyone who comes close, even Timothy, the horse’s owner and a lord looking for an heiress to help fund his dreams. Can she control her flames, or will she lose everything she wants in the attempt?

I’m not sure how to classify this book. It’s sort of YA, sort of historical, and sort of fantasy. But not completely any of these…I loved the setting, but the location/date tags on every chapter were pointless, as the timeline was straightforward, and most of the novel was set in Hawaii. This novel… could have been fascinating, but it felt unfinished, like the bare bones of the story was there, but it needed details filled in and sometimes events seemed to happen unrelated to anything else. The subplot about the serial killer seemed entirely pointless and unrelated as well.

Katherine Kayne lives in Hawaii part of the year. Bound in Flame is her newest novel.

(Galley courtesy of Passionflower Press via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.)

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