Book Review and Blog Tour: Wrong Alibi, by Christina Dodd

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Title: Wrong Alibi
Author: Christina Dodd
Genre: Mystery/thriller
Rating: 3 out of 5

Eighteen-year-old Evelyn Jones lands a job in small-town Alaska, working for a man in his isolated mountain home. But her bright hopes for the future are shattered when Donald White disappears, leaving her to face charges of theft, embezzlement—and a brutal double murder. Her protestations of innocence count for nothing. Convicted, she faces life in prison…until fate sends her on the run.

Evie’s escape leaves her scarred and in hiding, isolated from her family, working under an alias at a wilderness camp. Bent on justice, intent on recovering her life, she searches for the killer who slaughters without remorse.

At last, the day comes. Donald White has returned. Evie emerges from hiding; the fugitive becomes the hunter. But in her mind, she hears the whisper of other forces at work. Now Evelyn must untangle the threads of evidence before she’s once again found with blood on her hands: the blood of her own family…

Dodd is a good writer. The writing in this is solid and never detracted from the story. I was always firmly rooted in what was happening and the vividly realized setting. But…see that blurb up there? Does it say anything about romance? Nope. Not a hint.

If I read most of a book with the idea it’s a thriller and there’s no hint of “romance” until about 75% of the way through the book and then suddenly, there’s what I’ll charitably call a love interest—by which I mean the MC hops randomly into bed with a guy she just met who thought she murdered his family until about five seconds ago, with no logical transition from him thinking she’s a murderer to him realizing she isn’t and that he actually likes her—then I lose all faith in the author. All faith.

If I can’t trust you to drop hints throughout the book that there’s romance in here somewhere, what else can I not trust you with? Well, as it turns out, I also can’t trust you on several other things, including a believable conspiracy ten years ago when your MC was framed for murder. And several other things that made the last 75% of this book completely illogical and not connected to the rest of it. Sorry, but I doubt I’ll be reading anything else from this author in the future. I have to be able to trust the authors I read.

Christina Dodd is a bestselling author.

(Galley courtesy of Harlequin in exchange for an honest review.)

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