Best Books I Read in February (2021)

In February, I read 17 books, bringing my total for the year to 36. Goodreads says I’m a few books behind schedule for my goal of 250 books this year. Three of the 17 were really excellent reads!

Amelia Unabridged, by Ashley Schumacher. This was a great read! The bookstore in this was so lovely, I wanted to pack up and move there immediately (to be fair, it does have living quarters). The characters are great, and their journeys were believable and had me rooting for all of them.

The Lost Apothecary, by Sarah Penner. Sometimes I struggle to engage with both storylines in books with dual timelines, but this wasn’t one of those times at all. I loved the historical timeline, and found it absolutely fascinating, but the present-day story was just as engrossing.

Float Plan, by Trish Doller. This was fantastic! From the very beginning, where the MC is struggling to get her supplies loaded as she’s running away, to every sun-soaked island and her ocean-filled adventures. She works through her grief and learns to stand on her own two feet after tragedy completely knocked the wind from her sails.

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