Book Review: Falling Down Under, by Errin Krystal

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TitleFalling Down Under
Author Errin Krystal
Genre:  Romantic comedy
Rating:  4 out of 5

London socialite Georgia Bailey just lost everything—the estranged father who abandoned her after her mother died, the rock-star boyfriend whose career she built from nothing, and her multi-million-dollar fortune.

Now penniless, she’s forced to return to her grandparents’ vineyard in rural Australia and the waitressing job she left behind. But fitting back into her former life isn’t going to be easy, and things aren’t quite the way she left them.

Her teenage sweetheart, now barely speaking to her, is the hot, grumpy chef she has to work for. Her childhood pet is a full-grown kangaroo that won’t stop sunbathing in the parking lot. And the vineyard, as it turns out, is in serious financial trouble.

But Georgia already lost one family this year. She’s not about to lose another one—not if she can help it.

This was a quick, fun read. It’s billed as a romantic comedy, but…I’d say it’s more “light reading” than “comedic.” I had mixed feelings about Georgia:  while I felt sorry for her struggles, it was a bit hard to feel completely sympathetic, as she’d been pretty crappy to people and totally self-absorbed. I ended up liking her, as she grew into a more normal person—not just a party-girl heiress.

Her stepmom and step-sister were pretty cliched and one-dimensional, and the rest of the secondary characters—who will, I’m sure, feature in later books in this series—were likable enough. If you’re looking for a light read—or a beach read—this would be a good choice.

Errin Krystal lives and writes in Australia. Falling Down Under is her newest novel.

(Galley courtesy of Trash Dogs Media LLC in exchange for an honest review.)

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