What I Read in September (2021)

Books Read in September: 15

Books Read for the Year:  180/250

Topical Books/Monthly Goal Books:

Instead of choosing five books from my TBR pile this month, I only picked three. There was a lot going on, and I knew time was at a premium.

Speechless: Controlling Words, Controlling Minds, by Michael J. Knowles. This was pretty horrifying to read.

Saint Odd, by Dean Koontz. I was so sad to see this series come to an end! I think Odd Thomas is an absolutely fascinating character.

Dream Big, by Bob Goff. Bob Goff’s conversational tone is just so relatable. It makes everything he writes seem like a chat with a good friend.

For Review:

The Inheritance, by JoAnn Ross. This was good, although one of the sisters was almost unlikable at first.

A Bright Young Thing, by Brianne Moore. I really enjoyed this read! I love the time period, and Astra’s character growth was great to watch.

The Living and the Lost, by Ellen Feldman. That was an interesting WWII novel. I haven’t ever read anything set in Berlin just after the war ended, so it was fascinating seeing that side of it.

This is Why We Lie, by Gabriella Lepore. This was a quick YA thriller where I never figured out who the killer was.

Requiem of Silence, by L. Penelope. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed reading the stories of this world, and this was a solid wrap-up to an enjoyable series.

The Children’s Secret, by Nina Monroe. This was…entirely one-sided, and one of the characters was an absolutely awful person. Do not recommend.

Her Perfect Life, by Hank Phillippi Ryan. This was a pretty “meh” read for me, as the MC appears to forget her common sense, believe someone she shouldn’t, and end up in a mess.

The Guide, by Peter Heller. I really enjoyed this book! It could easily have felt slow, but instead I was riveted to the page.

Forestborn, by Audrey Elayne Becker (review forthcoming). Loved this fantasy novel! Unique, with distinct, likable characters.

Aria’s Travelling Book Shop, by Rebecca Raisin (review forthcoming). I just love Rebecca Raisin’s stories! Feel-good stories, quirky characters, and a distinctive setting that just draws me right in.

When Sparks Fly, by Helena Hunting (review forthcoming). I’d have to say this was just “meh.”

Left Unfinished:

Never Saw Me Coming, by Vera Kurian. I read about half of this before stopping. Unique idea, but I just couldn’t make myself care about the psychopath characters.

The Guilt Trip, by Sandie Jones. I read about 40% of this before just accepting that I couldn’t stand any of the characters and didn’t care what happened to them.

The Dating Dare, by Jacyi Lee. I didn’t make it very far in this, because I found both Tara and Seth to be caricatures and not very likable, with “rebellious/unconventional” being their main character traits.

He Gets that from Me, by Jacqueline Friedland. The characters annoyed me, and I couldn’t make myself finish this.

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