What I Read in October (2021)

Books Read in October: 15
Books Read for the Year:  195/250
Topical Books/Monthly Goal Books:

Just Because:
Winterlight, by Kristen Britain (TBR). I really love this series! This was as excellent as the other books, and with the twist at the end, I can’t wait to read the next one.

Parable of the Sower, by Octavia E. Butler. I listened to this as an audio book, and enjoyed it far more than I expected to.

For Review:

The Rot, by Siri Pettersen. Can we talk about how amazing this book is? I adored the first book in the series, Odin’s Child, and this follow-up did not disappoint! Cannot wait for the third.

Luminous, by Mara Rutherford. I enjoyed Rutherford’s previous duology, but this one felt much less…polished. It was a decent read, but I wasn’t riveted.

The Keeper of Night, by Kylie Lee Baker. The MC here was…difficult. Unlikable. Selfish. The writing was excellent, the premise was unique, the characters…meh.

Little Thieves, by Margaret Owen. This started off very slowly, and I wanted desperately to put it down, but I’m a fan of Owen’s other works, so I persevered—and this ended up being a fantastic read!

Lies My Memory Told Me, by Sacha Wunsch. This was just a meh read for me. I strongly disliked the ending, and the MC was a little bit…passive, maybe? The other characters felt like cardboard cutouts.

I Am Not Who You Think I Am, by Eric Rickstad. I really didn’t care for the MC in this one. He was way too prone to jumping to conclusions, and he was oblivious to what anyone else wanted.

Sankofa, by Chibundu Onuzo. This was way better than I expected, although the MC still has some growing to do. Her father was awful, though.

Three Sisters, by Heather Morris. I haven’t’ read The Tattoist of Auschwitz, but this was a phenomenal read!

Finding a Christmas Home, by Lee Tobin McClain. This was a decent romance read. Quick, easy, standard romance fair.

A Cowgirl’s Secret, by Melinda Curtis. This wasn’t a standout romantic read, but it delivered on its promises.

The Alchemy Thief, by R.A Denny. This was an interesting time travel/historical read. I enjoyed reading the bits about alchemy especially.

I Am Margaret Moore, by Hannah Capin (review forthcoming). I’m not sure what to say about this. I figured out the twist pretty early on, but I didn’t care for the confusion that made the book very hard to connect with.

You Can Go Your Own Way, by Eric Smith (review forthcoming). I don’t know a thing about pinball machines or Philly, but I really enjoyed this read. Whitney and Adam were great—and relatable—characters, and I loved their journey. And the plants.

Left Unfinished:

The Mother Next Door, by Tara Laskowski. This was just a case of the book not being a good fit for me right now. I read about 20% of it before I stopped reading, and the writing was strong, the characters realistic. I just didn’t like the characters. I thought they were petty, vapid, and superficial, and I didn’t care about them in the slightest—or their secrets.

The House of Dust, by Noah Broyles. I read about 25% of this, but the point-of-view and the characters were too distant and disjointed to feel any connection to.

Five Strangers, by E.V. Adamson. I tried. I read about 20% of this, but the MC was pretty unlikable to me, so the story didn’t hold my interest.

The Last House on Needless Street, by Catriona Ward. Despite the glowing reviews for this one, I couldn’t get into it. I only made it about 10% before giving up on its disjointedness.

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