Book Review:  Sword and Shadow, by Michelle Sagara

Image belongs to Harlequin/MIRA.

Title:   Sword and Shadow
Author:   Michelle Sagara
Genre:   Fantasy
Rating:  5.0 out of 5

In exchange for information about his past, Severn Handred joins a Barrani lord on a mission to the West March—an enclave well outside the boundaries of the Empire. Granted a leave of absence from the Wolves, Severn is in danger the moment he steps outside the reach of Imperial law. But the instincts that led him to the Wolves and the sense of duty that keeps him there can’t be discarded as easily as the tabard he wears.

 In the heart of the West March, enmeshed in a tangled web of secrets that have been kept for centuries, Severn’s belief in justice is going to be tested. There are murders to solve, people to protect, and truths to uncover. It’s one mortal man and his single Barrani friend against a community of immortals who will die and kill to keep their secrets. But they’re up against the Wolves now.

I do love Michelle Sagara’s The Chronicles of Elantra series, and I think this spinoff series is fantastic as well. Severn is one of my favorite characters in the original series, and it’s lovely to get to know him better here. I love the verbal back-and-forth in these books, and the characters are such strong presences that I feel like I’m there with them. Detailed worldbuilding, nuanced plot, and plenty of action makes these books a must-read.

Michelle Sagara is a bestselling author. Sword and Shadow is her newest novel.

(Galley courtesy of Harlequin/MIRA in exchange for an honest review.)

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