Book Review:   The Lighthouse on Moonglow Bay, by Lori Wilde

Image belongs to William Morrow.

Title:    The Lighthouse on Moonglow Bay
Author:    Lori Wilde
Genre:    Fiction
Rating:  3 out of 5

It was an inheritance neither sister expected–a lighthouse in Moonglow Cove, left to them by a grandmother they never knew! Harper and Flannery weren’t exactly best friends either. For years, Flannery had held down the home front, taking care of their sick mother and raising a daughter, while Harper sent nothing but checks. And after their mother’s funeral the two sisters had an argument that left them not speaking for six years–why, Harper didn’t even know she has a niece!

 But life has a way of changing when you least expect it. And the sisters discover their grandmother’s will has a stipulation: the two of them must live there, work out their issues… and compete in baking challenges with a hundred-year-old sourdough starter. If either of them gives up, or fails to keep the starter alive, they lose the lighthouse. Will they be able to come together and see their grandmother’s wish come true? Or will these two sisters forever be estranged?

This book just wasn’t a good fit for me. I didn’t like Harper at all, so I wasn’t invested in her story even a little bit. She was too self-absorbed for me. I did like Flannery quite a bit, and her daughter was wonderful. I feel like the author kept some things really distant that should have been seen from the characters’ eyes. Instead, the action happens off-stage. Or, the action happens on-stage, but comes literally out of nowhere, so it feels disjointed. Just not a good fit for me.

 Lori Wilde is from Texas. The Lighthouse on Moonglow Bay is her newest novel.

(Galley courtesy of William Morrow in exchange for an honest review.)

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