What I Read in April (2022)

Books Read in April: 11 (I think this is the smallest number ever.)

Books Read for the Year:  77/250

Topical Books/Monthly Goal Books:

My Side of the Mountain, by Jean Craighead George (re-read). I really enjoyed this. It’s been years since I read it, but I saw it at HPB for $2 and thought, “Why not?”

Look to Love, by J.L. Gerhardt (spiritual).

The Might, by Siri Pettersen (TBR). I loved this entire trilogy!

How (Not) to Save the World, by Hosanna Wong (spiritual).

Game On, by Janet Evanovich (TBR). WHY does she always go back to Joe?

For Review:

A Promise of Forgiveness, by Jo Ann Brown. The unforgiveness from the main character made me enjoy this a lot less than I could have.

The Memory of Her, by Bianca M. Schwarz. I’ve enjoyed the three books in this series, but this one threw me off a bit because it was set after the first book that came out, but before the third book.

This May End Badly, by Samantha Markum. I really enjoyed this! No, the MC wasn’t the greatest person, but she did learn, and the love interest was wonderful.

The Wrong Victim, by Allison Brennan. One of the MCs is borderline hard to like, but I ended up enjoying this read.

Funny You Should Ask, by Elissa Sussman. This was a decent read, even if the premise itself was a bit hard to believe.

The Kew Garden Girls at War, by Posy Lovell (review forthcoming). This was a lovely read!

Left Unfinished:

The Wedding Crasher, by Mia Sosa. Likable enough, but I was bored.

Last Dance on the Starlight Pier, by Sarah Bird. I read about 15% but it was just so slow I couldn’t get into it.

Unlikely Animals, by Annie Hartnett. Just started off way too slowly for me.

End of the World House, by Adrienne Celt. I didn’t make it very far into this because I didn’t feel any connection with the main characters.

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