Book Review:   Happy Happy Happy, by Nicola Masters

Image belongs to Amazon/Lake Union Publishing.

Title:    Happy Happy Happy
Author:    Nicola Masters
Genre:    Fiction
Rating:  4 out of 5

It’s been more than a decade since Charlie Trewin left her sleepy Cornish fishing village for the dazzling lights of London, vowing never to return. But when shocking news of her father’s death forces her back to Carncarrow, she’s confronted with everything she thought she’d left behind: the tragic loss of her mother, her father’s obsessive hoarding—and her own unresolved emotions about them both.

At first Carncarrow seems like the same stuck-in-the-past, dead-end village Charlie escaped years ago. Nothing like London, where she’s built a wonderful new life: solid job, loving fiancé, and endless, boundless happiness. But as she sorts through her father’s stockpiled mementoes, she begins to rediscover the place she once called home—and realises that her life in London may not be as happy, happy, happy as she keeps telling herself.

When her fiancé unexpectedly shows up in Carncarrow, her two complicated worlds collide. With the past and the present competing for her attention, can Charlie finally make her peace with her memories? And can she find a way to be truly happy on her own terms?

I both liked and didn’t like Charlie:  she was pretty selfish and willfully nearsighted about…everything. I did like her snark and wittiness; I didn’t like how mean and rude she was to James. It was like she stopped maturing when her mother died yet was surprised when she realized most of her memories of the past were so different from reality. I ended up enjoying this quite a bit, but I frequently wanted to smack her.

Nicola Masters grew up in London. Happy Happy Happy is her debut novel.

(Galley courtesy of Amazon/Lake Union Publishing in exchange for an honest review.)

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