What I Read in August (2022)

Books Read in August: 22
Books Read for the Year:  159/250
Topical Books/Monthly Goal Books:

I Don’t Have Enough Faith to Be an Atheist, by Norman L. Geizler (spiritual). This was fascinating!

Beyond Opinion, by Ravi Zacharias (spiritual). Pretty sure I’m not smart enough to have retained even half of this.

John’s Story, by Tim Lahaye (spiritual). Loved this.

The Demon Tide, by Laurie Forest (TBR). Continuing to love this series.

Unwritten, by Charles Martin (TBR). SO GOOD.

For Review:

How to Date a Superhero (And Not Die Trying), by Cristina Fernandez. Honestly, this was just a meh read for me. The MC was pretty selfish and self-absorbed, and that got on my nerves.

Don’t Go to Sleep, by Bryce Moore. The descriptions of New Orleans a hundred years ago were fascinating, but the concept itself didn’t work for me (the MC’s mental connection with the axe murderer). I also didn’t really like that there was no resolution as to why he was killing people.

Love and the Dream Come True, by Tammy L. Gray. I really enjoyed this sweet romance.

Hello, Goodbye, by Kate Stollenwerck. Parts of this book absolutely wrecked me! I enjoyed the MC from the very first page, and her relationship with her Gigi was so wonderful!

Bend Toward the Sun, by Jen Devon. The MC was occasionally really self-absorbed, but I enjoyed this, and I’d absolutely read more books about this family.

The Memory Index, by Julian Ray Vaca. This felt like a bad, predictable—yet kind of nonsense—80s movie.

Lucy Checks In, by Dee Ernst. I LOVED this! It was wonderful that Lucy was front and center, and her journey, not the romance, was center stage.

Would You Rather, by Allison Ashley. This was a lot of fun! Definitely fun, likable characters.

A Venom Dark and Sweet, by Judy I. Lin. I didn’t enjoy this quite as much as the first book in the duology. The second half felt very rushed, almost skimming over thing.

Surrendering to Hunt, by Jennifer Ryan. This was a solid read, despite the almost-insta-love plot.

The Thread Collectors, by Shaunna J. Edwards; Alyson Richman. This was a great read! I enjoyed both points-of-view a lot.

Our Little World, by Karen Winn. I’d say this was a step above meh. The MC was quite self-absorbed and bratty, so it ruined it a bit for me.

Just Because:

Who Ate Lunch with Abraham? by Asher Intrater (spiritual). This was fascinating.

After the Rapture, by David Jeremiah (spiritual).

Who Made God? by Ravi Zacharias (spiritual).

Winning the War in Your Mind, by Craig Groeschel (spiritual/audio). This has some excellent tips in it.

How Happiness Happens, by Max Lucado (spiritual/audio). I enjoyed this! Excellent narrator.

Left Unfinished:

Twice as Perfect, by Louisa Onome. I liked this…except for the obsession with Skeleboy and acting like he was a god. That was too annoying to continue to read. It’s possible I’ll re-visit in the future.

Hearts of Briarwall, by Krista Jensen. To me, the female characters were vapid and silly. I stopped at 20%.

The Stars Between Us, by Cristin Terrill. The MC was just a terrible person and I couldn’t stand to read more about her.

The Last of the Seven, by Steven Hartov. This just wasn’t a good fit for me.

Mr. Perfect on Paper, by Jean Meltzer. These characters didn’t work for me. Dara’s anxiety was described in such excruciating detail it bogged everything else down, and Chris…well, the first time he meets Dara, there’s no sign he even notices her. A few minutes later he’s remembering his physical attraction to her…that wasn’t even hinted at in that first meeting.

Wild is the Witch, by Rachel Griffin. The first 15% of this seemed pretty dark to me, with a lot of negativity between Iris and Pike.

The Art of Prophecy, by Wesley Chu. Frankly, I didn’t get too far in this, because I found Jian annoyingly entitled, spoiled, and ineffectual.

The Neopolitan Sisters, by Margo Candela. Okay, the bridezilla sister was so selfish and self-centered I wanted to smack her. The second sister wasn’t much better. And I didn’t keep reading to meet the third.

The Monsters We Defy, by Leslye Penelope. I read 10% of this and it just didn’t catch my attention, so there was no point in reading more.

Small Town, Big Magic, by Hazel Beck. Emerson got on my very last nerve with her constant assurance that SHE was right and everyone else was wrong. I was intrigued enough to read 20%, but then I realized I’d been annoyed by her the entire time, so I just stopped reading.

Die Around Sundown, by Mark Pryor. I just couldn’t connect with the MC, so it didn’t catch my attention.

Earning It, by E.F. Dodd. Rae just didn’t work for me. She wasn’t likable enough for me to continue reading.


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