What I Read in December (2022)

Books Read in December: 18

Books Read for the Year:  216/250 Definitely didn’t hit this one!

Yearly Reads:

Amazing Grace: 365 Daily Devotions.

Grace for the Moment, by Max Lucado.

She Reads Truth Bible.

Topical Books/Monthly Goal Books:

Help is Here by Max Lucado (spiritual). Great read!

What If It’s True? by Charles Martin (nonfiction, audio). This was an incredible book!

They Turned the World Upside Down, by Charles Martin (nonfiction). Absolutely loved this.

The Raven Song, by Luanne Smith (TBR). I enjoyed the second book in this fantasy series

Christmas at Rosie Hopkins’ Sweetshop, by Jenny Colgan (TBR). I enjoyed this, but Rosie kind of got on my nerves.

The Sacrament of Happy, by Lisa Harper (spiritual). So good!

Live Your Truth (and Other Lies), by Alisa Childers (spiritual). I don’t entirely agree with Childers here. A lot of it, yes, but not all.

For Review:

To Get to the Other Side, by Kelly Ohlert. This was…okay. The characters felt very superficially fleshed-out, and their personality quirks felt forced, not believable.

The Wedding Ranch, by Nancy Naigle. This was a sweet read–definitely worth binge-reading on the weekend.

The Secret Society of Salzburg, by Renee Ryan. I was glued to the page with this one! I loved both main characters and I couldn’t wait to find out what happened to them.

Pretty Little Pieces, by Carmen Schober. I really enjoyed this novel! The interaction between Georgina and her BFF were stellar, and, let’s face it, Cassidy was pretty darn great, too.

Just Because:

Saint, by Adrienne Young (TBR). I have loved all of Young’s books, and reading this prequel to the Fable books was fantastic.

The 28-Day Prayer Journey Study Guide, by Chrystal Evans Hurst (spiritual).

Going Rogue, by Janet Evanovich. This series always makes me laugh.

Rules at the School by the Sea, by Jenny Colgan. I’ve enjoyed these books a lot!

Left Unfinished:

The Blackout Book Club, by Amy Lynn Green. I wanted to like this. I love books, I love World War II fiction, this should have been a sure thing. But I didn’t like the characters much, and I just couldn’t bring myself to read more.

The Lipstick Bureau, by Michelle Gable. Another DNFed WWII fiction? Who am I? This seemed a bit erratic, and the transitions between POV characters were clunky. And….Niki wasn’t a very likable person. I read 38% of this before realizing I didn’t care about her or what happened to her because she was pretty cold and heartless.


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