Book Review:  Yours Truly, the Duke, by Amelia Grey  

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TitleYours Truly, The Duke
Author: Amelia Grey
Genre:  Romance
Rating: 4.5 out of 5

Fredericka Hale needs a husband, and fast. She’s been caring for her deceased sister’s three young children, and now a childless cousin has petitioned the court for custody. Fredericka is powerless to stop her, but having a husband might sway the ruling. The last thing Fredericka wants is a hurried-up marriage to a man she doesn’t know—much less love, but she’ll do it for the children. So when the handsome Duke of Wyatthaven shows up with a proposal, she accepts. He’ll help her, and in return, they’ll lead separate lives. But distance cannot keep them from their powerful attraction.

At the top of his game in London, the Duke of Wyatthaven has no interest in marriage. However, if Wyatt doesn’t marry by week’s end, he’ll lose a sizable inheritance from his grandmother. When Wyatt’s solicitor finds Miss Fredericka Hale, Wyatt considers this little hiccup solved. Miss Hale is lovely, and intelligent. Most importantly, she prefers country life to London, so he’s free to continue his life as usual. But when circumstances force Fredericka and the children to show up at the duke’s door, Wyatt can’t deny he’s always been under her spell. Will the duke give up his bachelor lifestyle and give into the fiery passion growing between them?

This was such a fun read! Fredericka was a lot of fun to get to know, and so was Wyatt. I loved how their relationship grew—and how they both learned from each other. I wanted to punch Fredericka’s cousin in the nose several times, but fortunately Fredericka had more self-control that I do. I definitely want to read more in this series!

Amelia Grey is an award-winning author. Yours Truly, the Duke is her newest novel.

(Galley courtesy of St. Martin’s Press in exchange for an honest review.)


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