Book Review and Blog Tour: This Isn’t Going to End Well, by Daniel Wallace  

Image belongs to Algonquin Books.

Title: This Isn’t Going to End Well  
Author: Daniel Wallace    
Genre: Memoir    
Rating: DNF

If we’re lucky, we all encounter at least one person whose life elevates and inspires our own. For Daniel Wallace, that was his longtime friend and brother-in-law, William Nealy. Seemingly perfect, impossibly cool, William was James Dean, Clint Eastwood, and MacGyver all rolled into one: an acclaimed outdoorsman, a famous cartoonist, an accomplished author, a master of all he undertook. William was the ideal that Daniel sought to emulate, and the person who gave him the courage to become a writer.

But when William took his own life at age forty eight, Daniel’s heartbreak led him to commit a grievous act of his own, a betrayal that took him down a path into the tortured recesses of William’s past. Eventually a new picture emerged of a man with too many secrets and too much shame to bear.

I wanted to like this. I read 20% of it, and I enjoyed the voice and the action—but I did not like the narrator/author at all. Selfish and self-absorbed people are not my cup of tea, and the narrator was both of these things, so I just could not stand to read any more of this. I get that a certain amount of self-absorption is inherent in memoirs, but the tone and amount of it present in this just wasn’t for me.

(Galley courtesy of Algonquin Books in exchange for an honest review.)


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