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Book Review: Where I End, by Katherine Elizabeth Clark

where I end
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When you’re on the playground with your kids, you expect to have fun and be silly. You don’t expect your entire life to change in an instant, when a small boy jumps off the jungle gym and lands on your head, breaking your neck, but that is what happened to Katherine Clark in May 2009.

Katherine was paralyzed from the neck down, and doctors diagnosed her with quadriplegia and said she’d never walk again. She had emergency spinal surgery that night, but the doctors told her husband she was no longer the same person. They expected her to be a burden for the rest of her life. They expected her to feel sorry for herself and accept her new, horrifying reality. They were wrong.

Instead, God worked a tremendous miracle in Katherine’s life. Her time in a rehab hospital was marked with frustration and tears, but her trust in God was accompanied by progress every day. By the middle of July, Katherine had learned to walk again and returned home. She experienced the deep, abiding love of God, even in the midst of overwhelming pain and trouble, and she clung to Him and His truths to see her through.

I wanted to read Where I End because of the similarities to my own medical history (a stroke 4 ½ years ago because of an unsuspected birth defect, given a 98% fatality rate, told by a doctor “You’ll never be normal again.”) It is terrifying when your life changes in a single instant, but the experience can be a profound blessing. Katherine Clark tells her story with openness and honesty, and the reader feels her pain and her fear, as well as her hope and her joy. If you need something uplifting in your life, this is the book for you!

Katherine Elizabeth Clark is a mother, a wife to a theologian, and a writer. Where I End is her true story.

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Book Review: Recapturing the Wonder, by Mike Cosper


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Mike Cosper is a writer, speaker, podcaster, and founder of Harbor Media. His newest book is Recapturing the Wonder.

I can’t give a “normal” review of a spiritual book, so I’m not going to try. Instead, I’ll say this:  this book was a very good, personable read. It wasn’t a how-to manual, but did offer some wonderful suggestions for seeing the wonder in the everyday of life, like children do. (I miss that sense of wonder.) some of the suggestions were fantastic, including the prayers, but the author’s voice made you feel like you were sitting and chatting with him, not being lectured to. Definitely worth reading if you’d like to re-capture that childish sense of wonder, of seeing God amid the everyday.

(Galley provided by InterVarsity Press via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.)