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Aurora Sky: Vampire Hunter

Aurora Sky:  Vampire Hunter, by Nikki Jefford
Aurora Sky: Vampire Hunter, by Nikki Jefford

Nikki Jefford is “a third generation Alaskan who loves fictional bad boys and heroines who kick butt.”  Ms Jefford is the author of the Spellbound trilogy (Entangled, Duplicity).  Aurora Sky:  Vampire Hunter is her newest novel.  Full of action from the very first page, Aurora Sky is a book that will have the reader hanging onto every word, staying up late into the night to in out just what is going to happen next!

Aurora Sky has had all of Alaska she can take.  She just wants to finish her senior year, get on with her life, and never look back.  She’s had enough cold and snow to last a lifetime and she can’t wait to go to college anywhere else.  But all that changes with a car crash on an icy road.  Suddenly, getting out of Alaska is the last thing on her mind.

When she wakes up after the wreck, Aurora discovers she’s been saved by government agents because of her special blood type.  In return for a medical miracle, now she’s forced to become a vampire hunter.  Worse than the thought of having to kill monsters she never dreamed actually existed is the fact that she can’t leave Alaska.

Now, instead of worrying about college essays and making good grades, Aurora spends her free time training and thinking about a certain mysterious boy from school.  Her old best friend doesn’t talk to her anymore, so she makes friends with some vampire groupies in an effort to find out more about the undead scene…and finds out that the boy of her dreams is more than he seems.