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Sundays are for Writing #84

This week, I wrote four book reviews, did two fiction-writing sessions, two lessons in the Stiefvater class, and worked on writing a synopsis of Chasing Shadows to give me some story clarity. It was a solid writing week!

Happy writing1


Sundays are for Writing #83

This was a good writing week. I wrote three book reviews plus my Best Books I Read in July post. I did a couple of lessons in the Maggie Stiefvater class and wrote a short outline of the first chapter of the story I’m editing. And, I got in two fiction-writing sessions, so I’m happy with my writing this week.

Happy writing!

Sundays are for Writing #82

I only worked Monday through Wednesday this week, and it was a solid writing week, even if it was only three days long:  two fiction-writing sessions, five book reviews, work in the Stiefvater class, and brainstorming on my planned revision.

Happy writing!

Sundays are for Writing #80

This hasn’t been quite as busy a writing week:  two fiction-writing sessions and four book reviews, but I didn’t get anything done in my writing class or in my revision. It’s still progress, so I’ll take it.

Happy writing!

Sundays are for Writing #79

It was another solid writing week:  two fiction sessions, six book reviews (I wanted to get another one written, but it took me quite a bit longer than I expected to read the book), two lessons with Maggie Stiefvater, and a bit of brainstorming on the re-write of Chasing Shadows.

Happy Writing!

Sundays are for Writing #77

This was another solid writing week:  four book reviews, two days’ worth of snippets on the new project, and brainstorming on the story I plan on editing soon. I’m well into writing reviews that will publish in July (I have twelve reviews written and scheduled for July so far), and I’m several books ahead in my reading as well, but my family was in town from out-of-state this week, so I cut some things short to spend time with them.

Happy writing!

Sundays are for Writing #76

I’m happy with this week’s writing escapades:  eight book reviews, story snippets/character development for the new WIP, and several lessons in Maggie Stiefvater’s class (including a very intriguing revelation on the first thing she decides on for a new novel). And I’m gearing up fora major revision that I’m pretty excited about.

Happy writing!

Sundays are for Writing #75

It’s been a fairly productive writing week:  I worked on the snippets for the new story and discovered some interesting things about my MC and my world. I wrote five book reviews. And I started working my way through the Writing with Maggie Stiefvater seminar, which is fascinating so far.

Sundays are for Writing #74

I feel like I got a lot accomplished this week, writing-wise. I wrote some more snippets for character development in the new story. I wrote five book reviews, plus  a post about what I read in May (33 books) and another post on the top three books I read in May. I’ll take it.

Did anyone else get any writing done this week?

Sundays are for Writing #73

It’s been a solid writing week this week. I started doing some brief snippets to try to get a feel for the main character for the new story I’ll be starting soon. I also wrote seven book reviews and a post explaining why I rate books like I do (it’s not always only about the writing quality). Nothing prompted that post except a conversation with a friend about why I don’t finish reading every book I pick up. Here’s to more good writing weeks!