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Sundays are for Writing #76

I’m happy with this week’s writing escapades:  eight book reviews, story snippets/character development for the new WIP, and several lessons in Maggie Stiefvater’s class (including a very intriguing revelation on the first thing she decides on for a new novel). And I’m gearing up fora major revision that I’m pretty excited about.

Happy writing!

Sundays are for Writing #75

It’s been a fairly productive writing week:  I worked on the snippets for the new story and discovered some interesting things about my MC and my world. I wrote five book reviews. And I started working my way through the Writing with Maggie Stiefvater seminar, which is fascinating so far.

Sundays are for Writing #74

I feel like I got a lot accomplished this week, writing-wise. I wrote some more snippets for character development in the new story. I wrote five book reviews, plus  a post about what I read in May (33 books) and another post on the top three books I read in May. I’ll take it.

Did anyone else get any writing done this week?

Sundays are for Writing #73

It’s been a solid writing week this week. I started doing some brief snippets to try to get a feel for the main character for the new story I’ll be starting soon. I also wrote seven book reviews and a post explaining why I rate books like I do (it’s not always only about the writing quality). Nothing prompted that post except a conversation with a friend about why I don’t finish reading every book I pick up. Here’s to more good writing weeks!

Sundays are for Writing #60

I had a fairly successful writing week this week. I got in four out of five planned fiction sessions, and I also wrote several book reviews. Even better, I did some brainstorming on the new writing project and a new editing/revision project. Definitely a win!

Sundays are for Writing #55

This week was a MUCH better writing week than last week! I got in all five planned writing sessions. I’m hoping I finally have my schedule tweaked just right to make sure I have time for writing and everything else in the mornings before work. Because after work, it’s just not happening!

Sundays are for Writing #53

So…this week did not go as planned, writing-wise. And I’m actually okay with that. I have a very good friend—whom I consider family—going through something pretty horrible right now, and supporting her is way more important than my “normal” routine. (Ha. Like anything about my life is ever normal.)

One fiction-writing session, two book reviews, and that’s it. Better luck next week!