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Sundays are for Writing #109

Well…it ended up being a good writing week. Being stuck at home due to ice/snow all week will do that for you. If you’ve seen the Texas weather on the news this week, well, I live right in the middle of all that. We just don’t get weather like that here usually. I was extremely blessed and didn’t lose power or water. I had no internet for four days, but that’s a small thing compared to people having no heat in single-digit temps.

I got in my three fiction sessions, and I also wrote seven book reviews (with no internet for most of the week, I was unable to work from home, so I had a lot of extra free time to read).

Happy writing!

Sundays are for Writing #108

This was an interesting writing week. Three book reviews, and no fiction writing…because I realized that, although I’m only 40 pages into the new story, nothing is really happening (except for the opening scene), and I am, in essence, just feeling out the characters.

I think the Muse has been trying to tell me she’s bored, so I finally listened. Instead of three actual writing sessions, I did three sessions of brainstorming. I think the setting is key to fixing this issue, and now I know how I want to change that. I’ll probably spend this next week fine-tuning the idea, then see if I can use any of what I have with the new setting.

Happy writing!

Sundays are for Writing #102

I hope everyone is having a Happy New Year so far!

This was a good writing week for me. I did three fiction-writing sessions, and I wrote 9 book reviews! I know that’s a lot of book reviews, but I finished reading all the books I plan to review in January last weekend and I wanted to get the reviews all written and scheduled before the end of December. This will definitely free up some writing time in January, as well as letting me read strictly for pleasure for a while (I’m binging the Lady Darby Mystery series first, then I think I’ll do the same with the Odd Thomas books. I’ve only read the first four of those and I know there’s several more.)

Happy writing!