More of the Paranormal

I haven’t had quite as much time to read this week as I’d like. Still, I did get a little bit of reading done, most of it quite enjoyable.

I finished reading the Kitty books by Carrie Vaughn, Kitty Goes to Washington and Kitty Takes a Holiday. I enjoyed both of these way more than the first book in the series. Kitty developed into a character I actually liked and cared about. Some of the developments in the third book caught me off-guard. (Ben? Didn’t see that one coming.) Plus, there were some pretty cool additions to the world. I like the skinwalkers concept a lot.

I also read Something Wicked by Catherine Mulvany. I don’t normally read a lot of things that are marketed as romance, even paranormal romance. Not that I have anything against romances. I started reading them at a young age, and I’ve read a ton of them. There are some very talented authors out there writing romance, and I still enjoy a good one every now and then. That said, I don’t pick up a romance unless it has another strong element to it (mystery, historical period or place I’m interested in, etc.). In addition to loving the title, Something Wicked, I liked the premise behind it as well. A vampire searching for a spring of miracles? Interesting. A vampire biker gang with a vendetta against said vampire? Even better. I liked the MCs in this book, and the history/flashbacks as well. Regan is a strong female character, which of course is always a good thing. And Nash was suitably conflicted and noble. This is actually the first book by Mulvany I’ve read, but I think I’ll be picking up more of hers in the future.


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