Confession time: I haven’t been very productive this week. Not at all. I haven’t done any work on the 2YN story. None. Shadows is in limbo right now. Witches, well, I hope to do a little something with it this weekend.

The Atlantis story is the only thing I’ve worked on at all this week. I’ve done a little bit of outlining. Then I hit a wall, with no motivation or reason for my character to be doing what she was doing. But then I had an idea that would solve the whole issue. So now I just have to do some more research. Anyone know which god would be jealous of Poseidon?

Oh, I did do a tiny bit of work on the zombie story. I fixed a couple of things in my chapter. We decided that I needed another chapter to show how nasty one of the males in my original chapter is, so I’ll be working on that tonight.

And that’s all I’ve done this week. Sad, really. I think I needed a mental break.

Also posted to: A Figment of My Imagination.


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