NaNo Day 10, Or, Getting Back on the Wagon

Okay, I must confess. I have not written anything since last Sunday (unless you count the pathetic 105 words I got on Wednesday. Which I don’t. Horrible.). I know, I know. I’m a terrible NaNoer. I skipped five days. FIVE whole days! Arggghhh! It was terrible. The guilt. The shame. The embarrassment. But I have a really good excuse, okay? (Alright, maybe not a really good one, but an excuse, nevertheless.) I was exhausted. The time change always kicks my butt, and I always forget that, so I’m sitting around wondering why I’m about to pass out at seven o’clock. Also, work was horrible this week. (Seriously. Why people feel they have to act like complete morons at work is beyond me. And then they get angry when the have to face the consequences.)

But…I went out on a limb and decided that this weekend, I was going to try to make up the word count I skipped during the week as well as the word count I had planned for the weekend anyway. So, make up 13k, and also write the 12k already planned. (Ambitious, me?) How did I do? Well….excellent today! I’m really proud of my word count, and if I can just do the same again tomorrow (which will be a true miracle), not only will I be caught up, but I will also break 50k. So wish me luck!

Today’s word count goal: 6,000

Actual word count: 12, 507

Total NaNo word count: 37,210

Total word count for the year: 162,397


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