NaNo Day 11

Eh. Not a very good (writing) day today. My family decided to take a last-minute trip to visit my grandmother, and I went with them. By last-minute, I mean that I sat down at the computer, opened Word, and then the phone rang (My mom, calling to ask me if I wanted to go.). I tried to type in the car, and did a little bit (In fact, the only words I wrote were in the car.), but I’m easily distracted and my laptop was not fully charged, so it died in half an hour. Oh well. I did get some writing done. Then, when we got home, we went to a service re-ordaining my dad before he takes his new job. That ceremony was a blessing to attend, and I’m very glad I did. So, I might not have gotten anywhere near as many words as I wanted, but it was still a great day.

Word count goal: 6,000

Actual word count: 874

NaNo total: 38,084

Word count for the year: 163,271


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