Brief Update

In short, this week has been another crappy writing week. Some days, it seems like I’ve lost my will to write. I think stress is the culprit, but I’m trying not to let it get me completely down. I started getting up a little bit earlier, so I can get some sort of writing done before I leave for work. That has helped me pick up the odd hundred words or so. Basically, I’ve gotten less than 2k written total all week. But…I intend to get 10k today, which will put me at 50k. And I intend to get another 10k tomorrow, which will put me right back on track to make my personal goal of 100k. I know I won’t be able to hit the requisite 3,333 words a day, but I’m hoping to make those words up on other days, despite the fact that I’ll be going out of town for 5 days next week. I’m determined, though. So, here are my current stats (Not including the 2k I’ve already written today).

NaNo word count: 39,844

Word count for year: 165,031

I’ll be updating this later tonight with today’s progress. How is everyone else doing?


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