NaNo Day 18

Word count goal for the day: 10,000

Actual word count: 6,017

Total NaNo word count: 56,097

Word count for the year: 181,284

So, I fell a little short today. I’m a little disappointed, but I do realize I’ve had a good word count for the weekend. I’m afraid to force myself to write more, since I don’t want to lose whatever tenuous grip I still have on the story and have it spin out of control. I’m just trying not to stress about the writing. I’m already aware this will need extensive editing, and I have a feeling that Samantha’s voice is creeping into the story, and that’s not quite who Nerina is, so I’ll have to work on that. But otherwise, I’m pleased. I’m currently writing about the Underworld!

I did get a bit of reading done this week. I read Rhett Butler’s People, by Donald McCaig. Now, I was really excited about this book. Gone with the Wind is my favorite book ever. Period. I’ve read it probably 25 times. I’ve read Scarlett several times as well. I don’t like it as well as GWTW, but it’s still not a horrible book, and I thought the characters stayed true. Rhett Butler’s People? Not so much. Frankly, my dear, when I finished it, I wanted to throw it across the room. Aside from a few things I found different from GWTW, there were some other problems as well for me. From the flap copy, I expected it to be told, hmm, from Rhett’s point of view? Well, part of it was. And a big chunk of it was from his sister Rosemary’s POV. Then there were some scenes from Scarlett’s POV. Did I mention a couple of scenes thrown in that, if they actually happened, should have been in GWTW? I didn’t have any problems with the writing itself. No issues there. Just story issues. Did I mention that I didn’t like what the author did with Melly? No? Consider it mentioned. The absolute worse thing, though, was…(spoiler alert)…THEY BURNED TARA! Yes. Can you believe it? I couldn’t. I mean, this is Tara we’re talking about here. If it hadn’t happened right at the end of the book, I would have tossed it. Sigh. But apart from that…Seriously, though, the author is much braver than I would ever be. Can you imagine what kind of nerve it would take to write a sequel to such a classic book as Gone with the Wind? He deserves respect for that, if nothing else.

I also read A Lick of Frost by Laurell K. Hamilton. I’ve been looking forward to this since I heard her read the first chapter at Conestoga back in July. I was a little disappointed it was so short, but I enjoyed it. It resolved some things, and finally answered the question of how she was going to pick just one of Merry’s men to be king.


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