The End of NaNo

NaNo word count: 57,117

Word count for the year: 181,284

So, NaNo is over again. Now, I might have mentioned that my personal goal for NaNo was 100k. Needless to say, I missed that mark by quite a long shot. At first, I beat myself up pretty good about it. I mainly did my writing on weekends, instead of my goal of writing at least a little bit every day. It should have been so much easier this year, with a set schedule and set hours, and not having to get up at the crack of dawn. But it certainly didn’t work that way for me. Granted, I have a lot going on in real life right now that is pretty stressful, what with trying to get everything ready to move out-of-state in January (hopefully). But I was still down about falling so far short of my personal goal. Then I actually looked at the numbers and broke them down.

I wrote 51,117 words and only wrote 12 days out of the month. That averages out to 4,700 words a day. But….on seven of those days, I wrote less than 1200 words (and one day only 105), which isn’t much at all for me. So, my average word count on the five days I really put effort into it was 7,600, which cheered me up immensely. Now I feel much better about my efforts, even if I haven’t written anything for almost two weeks now, and I need to get a grip on my story and push on.

I’m determined to hit my yearly word count goal, which is 200k, and that’s only about 19k to go, which should be a snap, considering my weekly goal for the 2YN story is 5k. And I’m still planning on working on the zombie story, and my NaNo story this month. And…that’s pretty much all that’s been going on with me. I did go out of town last week to New Orleans, which is wonderful but sad, and I’ll be writing more about that hopefully later today.


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