Reading My Favorite Book Ever!

I finished reading the anthology, Holidays are Hell. Pretty entertaining read, although I don’t usually do short stories. I like to get much more involved with the characters. I did enjoy the Rachel Morgan story, from before the series. That was pretty good, although I missed Jenks. I’ve read Lyndsay Sands as well, and this was a good short story, too. I’m glad there was a story by Marjorie M. Liu, since I’ve been hearing good things about her. This gave me a chance to sort of preview her writing, and I was impressed, so I’ll probably be buying more of her stuff. The story by Vicki Pettersson was interesting to me. I liked the whole set-up of the world, it was an interesting take on superheroes. All in all, a good read, just a little bit short.

I like thick books. I like to get involved with the character and the world, and all the intricacies of plot and just lose myself in the story. That said, I’m now reading my favorite book ever. Gone with the Wind. Again. For at least the twentieth time. I’ve read it at least once every year since I was eleven. (I left it kind of late this year, so I may not finish before the first.) Even though I know every single thing that is going to happen, I still love it. I have the first line memorized (and the second and third), and the last line, of course. Kind of nerdy, I admit, but that just sort of happened by accident.

I think Scarlett O’Hara is a great character. She’s flawed, definitely, but that only makes her more interesting. She’s self-centered and conceited, but she’s smart enough to realize she’s different from everyone else she knows. Except for Rhett, of course, and I think he’s a great character, too. I get so mad every time I read this book! I just want to slap Scarlett and shake some sense into her, and tell them both to quite being so prideful! So, that’s all I’m reading now, just getting lost in the world of Southern belles and the Civil War.


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