The Results of the Mini-Vacation!

I’ve actually had quite a productive week. I accomplished everything that was on my to-do list last weekend, and of course, I have another list for this weekend, since I have four more days off. I enjoy being off, I just won’t enjoy the paycheck. But, I’m determined to get work done while I have the time.

I still have the two partially finished zombie chapters. Although now, thanks to the brainstorming session with my co-writer, I know what’s supposed to happen in the latter part of both chapters. I just have to write them. Much mayhem must ensue. Zombie attacks! In both chapters! Fun! In slightly related news, my co-writer is showing some interest in finishing a story she began over five years ago (before her beautiful daughter Reyna came along). It’s about shapeshifters, and the three chapters she has done are wonderful, so I really hope she does finish it.

The 2YN story…is going great. I sat down to write last weekend, and the chapter just flowed off my fingertips! Three new characters I was unaware of just jumped on the page. I’ve also finished about half of another chapter, and that’s going well also.

The NaNo Atlantis story is going okay. I’m about two thirds of the way through it, so the end is in sight. Which means all the really fun stuff is coming up soon. I get to destroy Atlantis, so that should be entertaining, and hopefully, believable.

I’m planning to get those two zombie chapters finished up this weekend, finish at least the half-done chapter of the 2YN story, and do another chapter of the NaNo story. So, wish me luck!


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