Week Two of the New Year

It’s Tuesday, and time to update my progress on my writing goals. I have to hold myself accountable somewhere. So, out of the ten writing-related goals I set for myself this year, in the last week I’ve worked on five of them. Not great, but three of the others can’t be completed until I finish writing the stories involved, and one of them is NaNo, which has to wait until November. Not too bad, I guess.

I worked on the NaNo ’07 story twice this week. It’s coming along nicely. Almost through now, and the climax is looming on the horizon. Nerina and Cy will be back in Atlantis in the next chapter, to face the bad guys and the wrath of Poseidon.

I did some work on the zombie story. I only have about 2 ½ pages written, but I know what happens in the rest of the chapter. There will be much action and adrenaline, I just haven’t had time to write it yet!

I’ve edited several chapters in Witches. Unfortunately, they’re more like rough edits, and I need to go back and look over the chapters much more thoroughly and really think about some things. So, I have the first five chapters printed out to look at again.

I did another chapter on the 2YN story. I like where it’s at right now, and things are just about to take an upward swing. Samantha continues to surprise me. (What is my tomboy-tough character doing wearing a dress and flirting with a man to get what she wants? What? I don’t understand!)

And, I wrote a total of 5,998 new words this week, which brings my grand total for the year up to 8,911.


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