Week Three

Not much progress in week three, but I have a really, really good excuse. Really. I packed most of my house up this weekend, and moved from a four-bedroom, three-bath house to stay with my parents. Yeah. Not the greatest transition, but a workable solution. It’s the five cats that are less than impressed. Cian has been hiding under the cabinet since he got here, and I’ve only seen him once, at 4:30 this morning when I was the only one awake. Murray, who is normally laid-back and affectionate, has been growling at anything that moves. Salem hid under the bed and scratched me when I tried to get him out. Two Socks hisses at everyone (especially Mom’s two dogs). Boo is the only one behaving normally, and she’s pregnant, which is not wonderful.

Okay, so, really no progress to speak of on my writing goals in the past week. I haven’t written anything, not a single word, since the 13th. That’s almost unheard of for me. That zombie chapter is still pending (Tonight, maybe? Maybe.) I did get a crit done for one of my crit group, which puts me at only being three crits behind in the circle. Not too bad, since everyone apparently decided to post new chapters in the same week. I did get the second chapter of Witches posted, though, so I guess that’s progress. Hopefully I’ll have more to report next week.

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