Week Four Progress

I’m a little late with my update post this week, but that’s due to working 13-hour days, and then being sick. That’s about par for the course for me, though.

Well, let’s see. I’ve added the scenes into the zombie chapter. There was a lot of action going on there, and according to my co-writer, I successfully kept up the tension level, so that’s good.

I finished a chapter on my NaNo 2007 story. Actually, I’ve realized that I need to go back in and add some things to this chapter, so I guess technically it’s not quite finished. Also, I’m planning on doing a lot of work on this story in the remainder of the week, and finishing up the first draft on Saturday at the latest. I was getting a little too distracted with trying to write this, the zombie story, and my 2YN, so I want to go ahead and finish this one, since it’s the closest to being done. I think there are only about four chapters left, so I should be able to get those done easily.

The only other goal I’ve worked on this week is my word count goal. I wrote 3,784 words this week, which puts me at 12,695 for the year (towards a goal of 250k).


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