Wonderful Books

I’ve been reading some good books in the last week. Some I’ve read before, some I haven’t. All by authors I’m already familiar with. But still, enjoyable.

First off, I read The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy and The Restaurant at the End of the Universe, by Douglas Adams. I love these books. I think they’re hilarious. I end up laughing out loud every time I read them. I’ve loaned them to family members and friends, and only one person I know has every actually managed to read them. Everyone else says they just couldn’t make sense of them. I wonder what it says about me that I like them so much?

Then I read Iron Kissed, by Patricia Briggs. This is the new one in the Mercy Thompson series. I like the world Briggs has created. It’s different than other takes I’ve seen on the werewolves/vampires/fey (Oh my!) theme, and it’s a refreshing change. Her characters are strong and well-developed, and she always throws such great problems at them. I’ve been wondering for the last two books about some of the choices I knew Mercy would have to make, and this book answered some of those questions. It also went into more detail about the fey, which I really liked. A really good read.

Last but not least, I read Duma Key by Stephen King. I wanted to start it Friday night, but I was home alone, and I’m too chicken to read King by myself at night. So I started it Saturday afternoon. And ended up staying up ’til one a.m. reading it. I really liked this one. I haven’t been quite so impressed with some of his last books, but this one I thoroughly enjoyed. He’s so mean to his characters! I loved the setting a lot. I have always loved the ocean, and King’s description made me feel like I was there (Heck, I wanted to be there. Except for the whole spooky-doll-lady-thing. Eh.) He inches the tension level up a teensy bit at a time, but by the end I was just as creeped out as the MC. This is a book I would highly recommend.


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