Much Progress

Oops! It’s been a few weeks since I blogged about my progress on my goals. Work has kept me pretty busy during the week, but weekends (a.k.a. Friday and Saturday for me) have been productive. So, let’s see, what have I accomplished in the last two weeks?

Of my ten writing-related goals, I’ve worked on eight of them. Wow. I didn’t realize I’d accomplished quite so much. Yay! That makes me feel a lot better about the days I felt like I was slacking.

First and foremost, I finished the first draft of my NaNo 2007 story. I’m not entirely thrilled with it, and I think I dropped a few threads, but I uncovered the bones of the story at least. It topped out at 76, 243 words, which is by far the shortest thing I’ve completed.

I’ve done some work on the 2YN. It amazes me how well that story flies off my fingers. And Samantha is so effortless! It’s like she writes herself. I really love this story.

I’m semi-working on submitting Through Shadowed Stone. I found a novel exchange partner, so I’m hoping the new eyes will give me some fresh insight into what needs work.

I’ve also been editing Witches. Thanks to some hints from my wonderful crit group, I’ve done some polishing on the first two chapters. I’ve also done some work on Chapter Three, getting ready to throw it to the wolves (or post it, whichever phrasing you prefer).

I’ve done a bit for research for NaNo 2008. Basically, I’ve been looking for a mythical, human-like species to make my MC. No success yet. But I think I’ve come up with another story idea (which I’m hoarding right now until it’s through stewing).

I have the next chapter in the zombie story outlined (a detailed outline). More mayhem! I also briefly know what my next chapter is about, as well as my partner-in-crime’s next two chapters (lots more chaos and some funny stuff).

And finally, I wrote 8,506 new words, which puts me at 22,270 for the year. I’m woefully behind!


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