Progress Update

Long time, no update. Oops. Procrastination is my downfall. I’ve been working on my goals, I just haven’t been posting about them. I’ll do better. I promise. Well, I’ll try to do better.

Out of my ten writing-related goals for the year, I’ve completed two of them: finishing the first draft of my NaNo 2007 story, and starting to submit Through Shadowed Stone. I’m up to four rejections out of my first batch of five on TSS, and I’ll be sending out the next batch of queries tomorrow.

I still haven’t worked on the zombie story. Not for months. It’s horrible. We’re (my writing partner and I) really going to have to get on the ball with this story so it doesn’t completely lose all its momentum. Re-reading the last few chapters of the story is on my to-do list for today, and I’m planning on working on the next chapter on Monday.

I am working on editing Witches. I’ve been going back through the chapters and highlighting the important things: information, dialogue, description, etc. I’m planning on basically rewriting most of the story, cutting the extra things out, and just tightening it in general. I’m mostly happy with the chapters I’ve edited so far, but I want to be able to continue to juggle all of those balls in the later chapters as well.

I’m still working on the 2YN class. I haven’t started editing it yet. I have re-read the manuscript and made notes in the margins, just little comments to myself. I’ve done Zette’s assignments, including making a timeline in Excel. I’ve never worked much in Excel, so that was an interesting assignment. I’ve found several places where I could add scenes and tension in, so it was definitely a worthwhile assignment.

I have a couple of new story ideas percolating in my mind that I’m getting pretty excited about writing. Both of them are urban fantasy, which I’ve never written before, and I’m eager to start. But I have too much else going on right now to start a new story (much less two). I’m saving one of them for NaNo, although I’m not quite sure which one. The other one, well, if it’s ready in a couple of months, I may start dabbling with it.


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