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Sundays Are for Writing #192

I only wrote two book reviews this week, but considering which two books they were, I’m okay with that: Spells for Forgetting, by Adrienne Young and The Winners, by Fredrik Backman. Both of these were excellent reads, but I was up until 2 a.n. finishing Backman’s third Beartown novel. So, so good.

Happy writing!

Sundays Are for Writing #188

This was an okay writing week: I wrote two book reviews…and worked 5 straight days (my “normal schedule is long days on MWF, and a shorter (8-hour) day on Tuesdays. Soon I’ll be starting a M-F schedule, and we’ll see how that affects my writing—and reading.

Happy writing!

Sundays are for Writing #164

This has NOT been a good writing week: only one book review written. My days on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at work are now 13-14 hours, plus a one-hour commute both ways, leaving me very little time (ore energy) for writing (or reading, for that matter). Hopefully things will get better soon.

Happy writing!