Category: reasons I’m not writing

Sundays Are for Writing #209

This week, I only got one book review written, A Guide to Being Just Friends, by Sophie Sullivan. I’m actually fine with that, as I worked almost 50 hours…and there was a LOT of stress at work. I’m also mentally playing with an idea for a writing project, so that’s exciting.

Happy writing!

Sundays Are for Writing #196

This was a very skimpy writing week: only one book review. I was out of town last weekend, and I didn’t have much reading luck this week, with two DNFs in a row. Better luck next time. I’ve committed to much fewer reviews for the rest of the year, so more time for reading for fun.

Happy writing!

Sundays Are for Writing #192

I only wrote two book reviews this week, but considering which two books they were, I’m okay with that: Spells for Forgetting, by Adrienne Young and The Winners, by Fredrik Backman. Both of these were excellent reads, but I was up until 2 a.n. finishing Backman’s third Beartown novel. So, so good.

Happy writing!