Slowly But Surely

I’m slacking off on posting again, aren’t I? Well, I have a good excuse, I mean reason. Yeah. A good reason. Now what was it again? Oh yeah, I remember. I’ve been busy. Sort of. Or procrastinating. One of the two. Probably the latter.

So, I’m down to eight goals left on my writing goal list. I’ve really only worked on three of them lately. I’ve gotten a few hundred new words written in my 2YN story, so I’m at 52,129 words written for the year. Not great, I know, but I’m not actively writing anything right now, either, and haven’t been since March. Editing is much harder for me to do. But I’ve finished my re-read of Witches, and I have my “notes” in some semblance of order (and I use the word order loosely). I’m going to be working on the first two chapters (yes, again) this week. Hopefully this version will make me happier. And…that’s about all.


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