The Last of the Mohicans (or, The Rest of What I’ve Been Reading)

I’ve read quite several thrillers in the last couple of months. I hate to lump them all together, but it’s been almost two months since I read them, so I’m afraid the details are a little fuzzy to me at this point. (My apologies to the authors.) I read Michelle Gagnon’s The Tunnels. Pretty good book. Some really creepy scenes that take place in, of course, underground tunnels. I liked the added drama of a mysterious cult as well. Then I read Carolyn Haines Revenant. Frankly, the title of this made me think of horror movies, but I’ve probably just been reading too many vampire books. This one is a murder mystery where the bodies of women are turning up, all missing their ring fingers, and also with a veil. It had an unexpected ending, which is great, because I hate it when I guess who the killer is early in the story. I also read The Night Café, by Taylor Smith, and The Hunted, by Rachel Lee. The Hunted is about a reporter investigating the international sex-slave trade who ends up smack in the middle of the action, and has to depend on an FBI agent to help her out. Lots of action in this one, and it was a fun read. The Night Café is about a woman who takes a job as a favor to her sister, and ends up as a murder suspect.

I re-read Elizabeth Gilbert’s Eat, Pray, Love. I think this is my favorite book so far this year (And yes, this is the second time I’ve read it this year, too.) I was going through kind of a rough patch personally, and this book helped. Next up were Flirting with Forty and The Frog Prince, both by Jane Porter. These books have been on my TBR list for a few months, and when I got a gift card for my birthday, I decided to try them out. I’m glad I did. The Frog Prince was good. And I can relate to the MC’s dilemma of looking for a good man, then just giving up on focusing on living her own life. Flirting with Forty was great! I loved it. I mean, who doesn’t want to go to Hawaii on vacation and fall in love with a hot (and younger!) surf instructor? No one I know. This book made me so hopeful about my own life.

And of course, I read some vampire books. Big surprise, right? Just One Bite, by Kimberly Raye, is the latest in the Dead End Dating series. For someone who really doesn’t focus much on fashion or shoes, I really do like these books. (A little too much, apparently. After finishing this one, I had the almost uncontrollable urge to buy a cute pair of heels. And I don’t ever wear heels!) There was a lot of humor in this one, and of course, more of the delicious Ty. Then I read The Watcher, by Jean C. Stein. Please tell me why I read the fourth book in a series first? (Because my best friend loaned it to me.) It was good, though, and I didn’t really have trouble with jumping into the middle like that. In fact, I’ll probably be buying the other books in the Anna Strong series as well. And, last but not least, I read Love Bites, by Lynsay Sands, which is book two in the Argeneau Vampire series. I really love these books. There’s always some great humor in them, and the vampire men are always yummy. Eventually I’ll collect all of these. (Again, I started the series randomly, although in this case it was with books 7, 8, and 9. Go figure.)


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