Moving in a Hurricane

This will be just a brief update post. I finally got moved about 2 ½ weeks ago. Southeast Louisiana is now home. In retrospect, moving 600 miles the day before a major hurricane (Ike) is supposed to hit the coast is a bad idea. I’m just saying. A bit of poor planning. Not that we had any problems during the move. Well, the southbound highway we had planned on taking was closed to traffic in that direction, so we had to cut across the top of the state to the edge of Mississippi, then head south. Only a few brief periods of rain. It was a rather long, 13-hour drive.

For the record, I don’t recommend moving four cats (all in carriers) and a large dog in a small compact car. Oh, and let me not forget the fish I had in the back floorboard in a plastic container with an aerator. That just added to the general chaotic noise level. Did I mention the trip was made on 1 ½ hours of sleep after loading an 18-wheeler full of stuff for about 15 hours the day before? No? Consider it mentioned. Not exactly easy on the mind or the body.

But we’re moved now. The boxes are unpacked. We survived. The cats have (mostly) adjusted, although they had some rather bad attitudes for the first several days. The dog doesn’t care, he’s outside, and he’s an only dog now, so he gets plenty of attention. Hard to say if the fish has adjusted. For the first 24 hours, he tried to swim upside down. Now he’s back to hovering in his corner during the day, and pushing marbles around his tank at night. (In case you’re wondering, yes, that noise is loud enough to wake a person with an active imagination up thinking something is in the room with them.)

It’s more humid here, but everything is blooming. Everything. It’s quite pretty, actually. Still getting used to the accents around here. I never thought the day would come when I would sound less country than pretty much everyone around me (Actually, I don’t have much of an accent, except in my mind.). The first time I say “wat-uh” instead of “water”, I’ll know I’ve adapted a little too much.

I’m hoping to start the new day job in a couple of weeks. (Stares hard at the phone, willing it to ring with that happy news.) So, I’m taking advantage of this “vacation” and doing a large amount of work. I’ll have the 2YN edited before I go back in the middle of October, as well as the first draft of Witches edited. I’m also doing a lot of pre-work for my NaNo story this year, which I love but refuse to tell anyone except my closest, most trusted friends about so no one kills my excitement. And…this post has turned out to be not so brief after all.

Update: Got the job for sure! Start on the 14th.

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