Searching for Titles

Good news: I finished the edits on the 2YN story today. Yay! It’s coming in at about 73k right now. I just have to revamp the last two chapters, and I’ll be finished with this draft. That should push it up to around 75k, hopefully. Now I just have to come up with a title. Something about dragons, maybe. I hate trying to come up with titles.

In Witches, I only have 20 chapters left to edit, so I’ll be through on Monday. That’s really cause for celebration. I have to say, though, this isn’t an in-depth, fix-every-little-thing-edit. No. The main purpose of this pass is to shore up some weak areas, and to ruthlessly cut as many words as possible from this 300k behemoth. So far, I’ve cut 42k words. I expect to cut another 15k or so before I’m through with this round, putting me around 57k cut. Which means I cut around 19% of the MS. Not bad. But…I need to cut around 50%, and that leaves me a LONG ways to go. Sigh. I know I’m going to have to cut two chapters that I dearly love in the next round of edits. I just know it. I love both of them, but they’re not really necessary to the story. Sniff. I’ll mourn them when the time comes, then I’ll get over it.

I’ve been brainstorming the new NaNo story. I’m still really excited about it. I know what the first two chapters are about. Sort of. I did have what I think is a really great idea on the name of the used bookstore my female MC owns: Secondhand Lines. What do you think? I’m still struggling to title this story as well (okay, and pretty much all my stories except Through Shadowed Stone). There’s been some great ideas on the NaNo boards, but none that have spoken to me yet. I’m thinking about looking up some Bible verses having to do with angels and seeing if I can twist one of them a bit to come up with something suitable.


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