Well, I finally bit the bullet and started querying the 2YN novel (To Vanquish a Dragon). I love this story, but it’s time it went out into the world. I sent a handful of queries. So far, I’ve heard back from two agents. Received a form rejection from one, but the other one (Marlene Stringer of Stringer Lit) requested a partial. Now, to the casual observer, when I read that email, I probably looked like I’d just won the lottery. Considering my goal this time around (Okay, the only goal I’d officially let myself hope for.) was something besides a form rejection, I was super excited. Ms. Stringer has since rejected my partial, but she sent a very nice note along with it, which I really appreciated. That one clearly wasn’t meant to be, but that doesn’t mean the next one isn’t. And Ms. Stringer really made my day with that one simple email.

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