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Sundays are for Writing #64

Despite the chaos of the world in general this week, I managed to get in five writing sessions this week. (There is a plus side to working from home.) I also wrote a couple of book reviews this week, with many more in the pipeline.

Stay safe out there, everyone!


Sundays are for Writing #63

This was a decent writing week. Only three fiction-writing sessions, but that’s all I had planned, so it’s a win. My family flew in (secretly) for my brother’s wedding, so there was a lot going on. (Brother thought they were going to the JP, but my dad is a chaplain, so he performed the ceremony. Brother didn’t think they’d be able to come, as it was a last-minute thing.)

Sundays are for Writing #60

I had a fairly successful writing week this week. I got in four out of five planned fiction sessions, and I also wrote several book reviews. Even better, I did some brainstorming on the new writing project and a new editing/revision project. Definitely a win!

Sundays are for Writing #55

This week was a MUCH better writing week than last week! I got in all five planned writing sessions. I’m hoping I finally have my schedule tweaked just right to make sure I have time for writing and everything else in the mornings before work. Because after work, it’s just not happening!