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Sundays are for Writing #112

This week was a so-so writing week. I only wrote two book reviews, and I finished making changes to the WIP, so I can continue writing next week. Work was mentally exhausting and I didn’t sleep well for most of the week, so things just kind of dragged. Hopefully next week will be better.

Happy writing!

Sundays are for Writing #109

Well…it ended up being a good writing week. Being stuck at home due to ice/snow all week will do that for you. If you’ve seen the Texas weather on the news this week, well, I live right in the middle of all that. We just don’t get weather like that here usually. I was extremely blessed and didn’t lose power or water. I had no internet for four days, but that’s a small thing compared to people having no heat in single-digit temps.

I got in my three fiction sessions, and I also wrote seven book reviews (with no internet for most of the week, I was unable to work from home, so I had a lot of extra free time to read).

Happy writing!

Sundays are for Writing #108

This was an interesting writing week. Three book reviews, and no fiction writing…because I realized that, although I’m only 40 pages into the new story, nothing is really happening (except for the opening scene), and I am, in essence, just feeling out the characters.

I think the Muse has been trying to tell me she’s bored, so I finally listened. Instead of three actual writing sessions, I did three sessions of brainstorming. I think the setting is key to fixing this issue, and now I know how I want to change that. I’ll probably spend this next week fine-tuning the idea, then see if I can use any of what I have with the new setting.

Happy writing!