What I Accomplished This Year

So, here are the goals I set for 2009:

-Zombie story (finish)
-Werewolf story
-Witches II
-Ash’s story
-Mena’s story

I want to edit five stories:
-Tempest of Angels
-Werewolf story
-Zombie story
-Witches II

I want to polish three stories:
-Atlantis story

I want to start subbing two stories:
-Atlantis story

My personal goals:
-Read 165 books.
-Learn one Japanese lesson per month.
-Start a professional website (I sort of gave up on this one last year, but I’m giving it another go this year).
-Run 5 miles in less than an hour.
-Do 10 pull-ups.
-Write 300,000 words

And here is what I actually accomplished:
-finished zombie story
-wrote werewolf story
-wrote Witches II
-wrote Mena’s story
-wrote about 2 chapters on the 2YN II

-started editing the werewolf story with Holly Lisle’s How To Revise Your Novel class (which is brilliant, by the way)
-polished Witches
-polished the Atlantis story
-polished the 2YN story
-started subbing the 2YN story (and have had 3 partial requests so far, so yay, got a step farther this time)
-wrote 368,771 words

Everything else…didn’t quite happen. But that’s okay, right? I did accomplish a lot this year. I learned a lot. I’m mostly happy with everything I got done. And I have a lot of things planned for next year (What a surprise, right?), which I’ll be posting about tomorrow.


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