Is It Crowded In Here, Or Is It Just Me?

So, I’ve been working through Lesson 6 of the HTRYN class. It’s about characters, and figuring out if they’re doing what they need to be doing, or if they’re just…taking up space. So far, I’ve stumbled across a couple that are more or less just taking up space. A lot of them do live up to what I need them to do, more or less, but I need to put some thought into exactly what I want them to do and fire the rest of them. (Donald Trump. That’s me.) It’s food for thought, anyway, and something I never even considered before.

I’m getting into editing the zombie story as well. Wow. Hard to believe how off-track from the original vision this story ended up. It’s going to take a lot of elbow grease, but I think it can be massaged back into something resembling that original idea (only better).

And, in other news, I’m slowly working through the HTTS lessons for the 2YN sequel. Currently, I told my Muse what I wanted and gave it a deadline. It’s lobbed a couple of un-related (but possibility-rich) ideas at me, and also given me some rather staggering suggestions for its actual assignment. And I do mean staggering. One of them completely knocked me for a loop, and left me going “Wow. Really? You think so?” (Muse does.) I’m still waiting for the answer to “Why?”, but it’s all good. Funny how the Muse is currently personified by Gerard Butler, as he looked in The Ugly Truth (complete with devilish glint in eye and crooked grin). Go figure. But as far as visions go, I could be doing a lot worse!


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