Is It Hot In Here?

We’re already a week and a half (more or less) into January, and I’ve only read—Gasp!—one book. Yes. Just one. Wow. I know, right? I’m also re-reading Gone With The Wind for like the 25th time. Last year is the only year in recent memory that I haven’t read it. I started it, but didn’t finish. So now I’m trying to do that, I just haven’t had time lately! Besides, I’m in the middle of being annoyed at Scarlett (Yes, again! What? You thought that just because I’ve read it so many times I wouldn’t get mad at her? Not to mention Rhett. I’d like to knock their heads together, or shake some sense into them. Okay. Rant over.)

Anyway, the only book I’ve read so far this year is Jill MylesGentlemen Prefer Succubi. Great title, right? And fantastic cover art! Hello, Mr. Fallen Angel. (On a side note, clearly, my life is not fiction. Men like this do not exist in my world. Sadly. Sigh.) So, back to the book. It’s about Jackie, who wakes up in a dumpster to discover she’s not only hooked up with a fallen angel, but to top off the night-she-doesn’t-really-remember, got bitten by another guy and turned into a succubus. Yeah. One of those nights. She ends up in the middle of a battle between the vampires and the angels, torn between the two sides: the sexy fallen angel and the hot vampire. (We should all have problems like this, no?)

This book…was a highly entertaining read. I laughed out loud several times, especially when Jackie was trying to resist the Itch (the, ah, driving force for a succubus). Ms. Myles has a deft touch with humor, as well as making the book smokin’ hot! (Again, check out the cover art!) If you like hot heroes, bad boys, and humor, you should definitely read this book!


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