On The Other Side of the Looking Glass

So, if you haven’t heard, the New Orleans Saints are going to the Super Bowl. (And really, if you haven’t heard, what rock have you been hiding under?) First of all, let me say this: I’M GLAD THE SAINTS ARE GOING TO THE SUPER BOWL. There. That’s out of the way. Really, I’m glad. However…I don’t watch football. I don’t know anything about football. And I’m fairly new to the NOLA area, so I… don’t quite get the whole level of excitement that has invaded this area. I mean, I get that people have been waiting for this to happen for like 40 years, but to me, in my football-neutral mind, I’m thinking “So? It’s just a game.” Um, apparently not, to a LOT of people around here. At work, total strangers have been asking “Wasn’t that a great game?” (To which the reply “What game?” apparently isn’t an acceptable answer. Oops.) When they won the game Sunday night, there were fireworks going off outside. People driving down the street were honking their horns. People ran around outside screaming. And–and this part is kind of scary–people were shooting guns up into the air. It’s CRAZY. The newspaper sold out on Monday, so they had to re-print it yesterday, and everyone you see is wearing black and gold. Bourbon Street looked like Mardi Gras. It was just mind-blowing for me. That level of excitement I’d have to reserve for winning the lottery or getting a publishing contract.

In other, non-football-related news, my HTTS lessons are going much better this time. So far, anyway. The lesson I’m at now is outlining, one sentence per scene, on index cards. I’m not an index card person. I prefer to do a phase outline, with a paragraph or two (or sometimes a page) per chapter. But I promised myself I’d do these lessons like Holly says, so I sat down yesterday and started working on my cards. Counting the four scenes I already had sentences for (from previous worksheets), and the sentences I got from the 8k I already have written on the story, I had nine cards done. My goal was to do five more.

However, my Muse started pitching ideas at me, and when I finally stopped working on the cards, I had 30 cards done! 30! Woot! Go, Muse! Now I just need 5 cards today. I’m starting to get really excited about this story, too. Love the characters, and can’t wait to work on them again. Sam has some really mean things in store for her…

The werewolf revisions are going pretty well. I think I’m about to get into the really heavy-duty stuff, so I’m actually looking forward to that. And I saw Legion this weekend. SCARY–to me, anyway, I’m a chicken (Have you SEEN the preview where the old lady crawls on the ceiling? Bleh. TOO CREEPY!) –but it has me anxious to start revising Tempest.

And… that’s all for now.


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