Entice, by Carrie Jones

What’s the best thing to do on a snowy day? Curl up with a good book and try to stay warm. With the current weather in North Texas, a good book is just the thing. And if you happen to like the current weather and would like to read more about a winter wonderland…why not try Entice, by Carrie Jones? Set in the winter woods of Maine, it’s bound to make anyone feel better about our paltry two inches of frozen precipitation. The third book in the Need series, it’s about pixies…but not the cute little Tinkerbell-esque creatures most people think of when they see the word “pixie”.

Bedford, Maine isn’t exactly a hotbed of…well, anything. It’s cold. It snows a lot. It’s surrounded by woods. And those woods are full of all sorts of creatures from legend. Pixies. Wolves. Shapeshifters. Even the occasional elf. Despite all that, the inhabitants of Bedford manage to get along. Until a group of evil pixies moves in, and teenagers start disappearing. It’s enough to give pixies a bad name.

As usual, Zara is right in the middle of things. Her friends don’t trust her anymore because she’s been pixie-kissed…and not just by any pixie, but by pixie king, Astley. Her soul mate, Nick, is dead. Well, sort of. He’s been taken to Valhalla, a place for warriors that’s right out of legend, and Zara and her friends don’t know if they can get him back. With the end of the world looming on the horizon, and war imminent, Zara knows she has to find her warrior and bring him home. With Astley at her side, she sets out to find Valhalla and rescue Nick. There’s just one little problem: Nick hates pixies. Will he even want to leave Valhalla when he realizes what she’s done to save him?

P.S. Isn’t this the greatest cover ever?


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