Okay, so, in hindsight, New Orleans is looking….awfully warm and toasty right now. It’s 14 degrees here. Fourteen actual degrees. Not with the windchill. It was 8 degrees when I got up this morning. So I found myself wondering why I’d chosen to move back here from the tropics of southeast Louisiana…Well, there are several reasons, but they sort of paled into insignificance when I considered them this morning. All the schools have been shut down the last two days, and they’ll be closed again tomorrow. This means I won’t be taking my scheduled History test just yet, so, yay! More time to study. (Finding the motivation to actually study is another thing….)

This also means more time to read, which is always a good thing. Reading while sipping something hot is even better. I’m actually reading an e-book right now called The Splendor Falls, by Rosemary Clement-Moore. So far….excellent read. I’m enjoying it a lot. It’s the first e-book I’ve actually bought. And by that I mean that I have several e-books that were available for free (not that I’ve actually, ahem, finished reading any of them…). I don’t actually have an e-reader, but I have the free software versions on my PC and my phone. After this, I might decide to buy an e-reader. I like the instant gratification of having the book immediately available. That’s very nice.

I also finished lesson 4 of HTRYN. Started reading lesson 5, and plan to start on it tonight after I do a little bit of homework. (And studying. Yeah. Studying.) I’ve been doing steady daily writing on the 2YN2 story, about 500 words a day. Not much, but steady progress, so I’m happy with it. The Muse is still playing with the other story idea, and I’ve even jotted a few random fragments of ideas down. Hopefully that will be coalescing into something more coherent soon. I’m really in the mood to write a more traditional fantasy, instead of the urban fantasy of late.

I’m off to get some work done. And try not to freeze to death. And drink something warm (and possibly alcoholic)….


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