Linger, by Maggie Stiefvater

With the wintry weather still gripping North Texas—which currently resembles the frozen North—staying warm with a good book continues to be a good idea. While you’re sipping something warm in toasty comfort, try discovering the world of Maggie Stiefvater’s Linger, the second book in The Wolves of Mercy Falls series. Set in frosty Mercy Falls, Minnesota, these books explore a unique take on the werewolf mythos.

Although the first book, Shiver, might be a more appropriate reaction to current temperatures, Linger delves deeper into Sam and Grace’s tale. Sam, after surviving a harrowing cure, is no longer a werewolf, but now he must deal with a future as a human—something he never thought to have. Grace, his true love, is at his side, but she has a secret of her own. Dealing with headaches and fever, Grace doesn’t tell Sam that she’s sick, that something inside her wants out. She’s afraid of what’s coming, of what she’s becoming, and Sam has enough worries. Not only is he getting used to being human, but he still has to take care of his pack—which has new members for the first time in years, including the mysterious and ever-changing Cole. Cole is a rock star, and discovery of his whereabouts would cause a media feeding frenzy. The last thing the wolves of Mercy Falls need is more attention. They face another threat, for someone in town wants the wolves dead, and after the death of a boy and the disappearance of one of Grace’s friends, the townspeople are up in arms, ready and willing to destroy the wolves for good.


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