Say Hello to my Little Friend…

I woke up this morning talking to myself. Well, sort of. Before you call for the men in the white coats, let me explain….

You know that state where you’re not quite awake, and you’re not quite asleep? That almost-twilight place? That’s where I was. And I found myself having a conversation with a character in the DOTD story. At least, I think he was a character. If not, then I have a new imaginary friend. His name is Breck…

Honestly, this isn’t the first time I’ve found myself having a conversation with a character. When working on the Witches stories, I frequently have actual arguments with Kahleena. And I spend quite a bit of time giving Julien orders that he promptly ignores. (Seriously, does he have to be such a spoiled prince all the time? You’d think he was running the show.) But this is the first time I’ve had a conversation with someone from the DOTD story. And up until this morning, I had no idea what Breck looked like, so it was like talking to a stranger. He has red hair, by the way. Not Carrot Top red, or anything, just a nice strawberry blond. I was surprised. How many male MCs have red hair (I can think of one: Jamie Fraser in the Outlander books)? And he’s an actor, too. I don’t normally think of them having red hair. Besides that, my female MC in this story has red hair. Fortunately, hers isn’t strawberry blonde, but still, two red-haired characters? I need to have a chat with my Muse…At least he has blue eyes, so he and Acacia aren’t clones of each other or anything. Maybe I can talk him into dyeing his hair?

Yeah, ’cause having a discussion with an imaginary person about changing his hair makes me sound so much saner…

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