Idea Conundrum

So, I’ve been halfway working on the DOTD story idea lately. By “halfway,” I mean mostly guilt over letting my brainstorming/outlining slide in favor of school and reading. (It’s summer. I can only focus on so many things at a time…) Yesterday was actually a fairly good day. I did a bit of brainstorming and “outlined” my next eight scenes. I like this story idea a lot. I think it will be a lot of fun to write, and it has some bits and pieces I’ve been playing with for a while now (years, actually). I’m loving the characters AND the world. So yes, I’m looking forward to writing it. I just don’t have that much actual time to write it right now.

But…there’s this other idea that kept popping into my head yesterday. It’s one I flirted with briefly for NaNo last year and decided against only because I didn’t have time (there’s that word again) to do the actual prep work to do the story justice. But now it’s rearing its head again. This one’s YA paranormal with Sirens and Spartans and the MC’s voice keeps popping into my head, saying “Pick me! Pick me!”

What to do?


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